Wow, a little over a week since our wonderful Spring Party, and our hearts are still so full up of thanks!It was such a humbling and beautiful afternoon of good times, connection, support and we raised such a lot for Zephyr’s too. Around 200 of you lovely people came and helped us party! In doing …

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…you’ll find our latest news and pieces of writing shared by our Zephyr’s team, as well as those we support. We’re always keen to know what you’d like to see here? Do let us know x


Sometimes wind rustles through tall trees, reminding me of my son,
a powerful bird soars overhead, and I remember
Sometimes fragile butterfly gently basks in the sun, recalling delicate memories,
Sometimes a scent in the air brings him closer,
or I feel him in the leaves, in golden skies, or a place that connects me to him.

Sometimes none of this feels enough
I miss the deep absence he creates in my life
And sometimes,
I find a tiny heart-shaped stone,
and I feel present with my son who has died,
and that he lives on in my heart.