Alison Broughton

Nature Mindfullness Guide

I have been a nature nerd for as long as I can remember and when I qualified as a counselling therapist I knew I wanted to help support and nourish my clients alongside the healing power and beauty that nature offers. The wealth of scientific studies and research evidences the vast array of benefits of working with nature in this way. My speciality is nature therapy with a focus on grief, loss, anxiety and self concept (how we treat ourselves and the relationship we have with ourselves.)

I am also a certified Natural Mindfulness guide where on my wellbeing walks I create a safe space as we wander gently to allow you to focus fully on you. Using natural mindfulness techniques, I guide small groups on how to slow down, how to focus positive attention on ourselves and engage our senses to nourish wellbeing and help you gain clarity and feel relaxed.

Experiencing grief can often be a lonely and isolating space to find ourselves in and the gentle, warm and welcoming spaces that Zephyrs provides hugely helps to reduce the impact of that experience.