Fran Groombridge

Forest School Facilitator

I'm Fran – founder of Boots & Brambles Forest School and mum to my own tribe of wildlings. If I had to describe myself in three words I'd say I'm creative, passionate and teensy bit chaotic! Six years ago we discovered that our third baby was in fact our third and fourth babies - identical twin girls who we found out very early on were suffering from twin-to-twin-transfusion syndrome. Our little fighters were born at 29 weeks and very sadly our littlest girl Primrose passed away at 5 days old.

It was after this tragedy that I met Carly and Martin and discovered the amazing work done by them and the whole team at Zephyr's.

During this time the woods became a haven for me, a place of calm, inspiration and wonder. I am a big believer in the power of nature and the benefits for everyone's mental and physical health gained by spending time out in nature. The woods provide opportunities for play, creativity, discovery, healing and exploration.

Through the funding offered this year by Severn Trent Water, we are so pleased to have been given the chance to collaborate with the wonderful team at Zephyr's to run our monthly "Into the Woods with Zephyr's" Forest School themed sessions for bereaved families, where people come together each month around our campfire circle to play, create, share and talk in the sanctuary of our beautiful woods.