Louise Nightingale


I’m Louise and I’m a volunteer for Zephyrs and the Hope Group. I have a gorgeous son called Joshua, I had a relatively simple pregnancy apart from gestational diabetes. After Joshua I suffered two early miscarriages, the first I started to bleed, the second was at our 12 week scan. I had fantastic support from Zephyrs after losing our babies and it helped to talk to those who have experienced baby loss and find the courage to try again. It took quite a while to conceive our rainbow baby and I was anxious throughout my pregnancy including the labour. I had amazing support from the Hope group during my pregnancy and having the Facebook group and attending the meetings was invaluable. It was almost a relief to meet other people who were experiencing all the worries, fears and “irrational” feelings that I was. Zephyrs is a safe and homely place where it’s ok to say nothing or say everything, laugh, cry, get advice, feel supported. I’d encourage everyone to attend the meetings if they can. I know how it feels to pluck up the courage to come to the meetings or post on the Facebook group but you will be so glad that you did. The Hope group have so many amazing people willing and able to help and support you during your pregnancy and we’re all so happy to see another rainbow arrive.