Sharon Hudson

Play Therapist

My name is Sharon and I am a Play Therapist who believes in the power of play for all ages, including adults. I hold a Masters degree in Play Therapy from the department of Psychology at Roehampton University and I am registered with the British Association of Play Therapists (BAPT). I have a demonstrated history of working with children and families. Skilled in Play Therapy, Child Centred Work, Mental Health, Bereavement & Loss, Counselling Psychology, Play, Attachment Theory, Child behaviour, Trauma and Early Years Development gives me a firm base from which to support children and young people.

I am a huge advocate for play and especially for greater amounts of play in primary educational settings. Creativity and play are powerful keys to positive mental health which can be carried into adulthood. Childhood experiences that may have a negative effect on healthy development can be addressed through play, as children are able to explore and express feelings they may be unable to understand or verbalise. Play is a child’s primary form of communication and the play therapist enables their inner resources through the therapeutic relationship to bring about growth and change.

My play therapy work is child centred, giving the child a safe space to explore and work through difficult and traumatic experiences at their own pace. Empowering them in their understanding and self actualising tendencies, which in turn can promote emotional intelligence, self awareness, self expression and healing.