Wellbeing Walks – Green Space Counselling

Upcoming dates for 2024:

10am – 12.00pm, Sat the 20th of July
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Zephyr’s Wellbeing Walks are a chance for you to take a gentle stroll together with others who understand; to find support and comfort in nature and in the changing seasons.

If you have already signed up, please read this information here before attending.

Led by Alison Broughton of Green Space Counselling and Therapies, our two hour walks take place every month. Set at a gentle pace, with opportunity for quiet reflection and sharing, we invite you to gather and walk together, in your grief, in your feelings, and absorbing the surroundings of Colwick Lakes.

There will be gently led conversation, time to breathe and take everything in, and the opportunity to gather with a warm flask and a hot drink before finishing. These small group walks are free to join in, but we do ask that you reserve a place to ensure we know who’s coming.

When you book, more details will be provided on where we’ll plan to meet, and what you might wish to bring with you. Please book by 6pm the day before the walk.

Please note these walks are for adults only, and are on offer for those who are bereaved through pregnancy loss or the death of a baby or child. If you are looking for support on a 1-2-1 basis, please make an enquiry about our counselling service here.

Alison says “I will guide you through the walk, helping you to connect to nature by offering prompts and focused nature moments such as bird watching, the changing colour of leaves or gazing at wildflowers. Using natural mindfulness techniques you will learn how to slow down, focus positive attention on yourself to aid relaxation, utilise your senses to nourish your wellbeing and reflect on your feelings of grief as we gently wander with nature and each other.”

Alison is a qualified therapeutic counsellor, with a specialism and focus on grief and bereavement, loss and anxiety. On her website, you can find our more about her, and what you might expect if you join our walk.

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If you have taken part in our Wellbeing Walks and would like to give us feedback or a testimonial, please feel free to send an email to admin@zephyrsnottingham.org.uk to share your experience.